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Bear Hunt

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High success rates, competitive prices, well- trained guides and food you simply can’t stop eating, as well as our beautiful spring days will keep you coming back. Newfoundland black bears have a tendency to grow larger than bears on the mainland of North America because of their genetic makeup and the fact that there is an abundance of protein in moose and caribou meat as well as berries and fish, and very little hunting pressure.  Very few Newfoundlanders hunt bear. The bear density is one of the highest on the North American continent. You can also take time to fish for the Atlantic Salmon or Wild Brook Trout.  Most days you will see more than one bear. Last season all of our hunters had a chance to take two bears. The second bear can be taken for an additional fee. Our bear hunts take place on the Northern boundary of Gros Morne Park in Northern  Newfoundland and your guide will check your stand every day. You will be hunting in some of the best hunting areas in the province. You will need a big wall!  We have lots to offer the serious bear hunter...so put us at the top of your list of places to go!

Black Bears on the island of Newfoundland may be some of North America's largest. A

bear weighing 312 kg (687 pounds) was captured and released by wildlife personnel

during field surveys.... and that was spring weight! Sportsmen have harvested up to 304

kg (670 pounds), and many specimens have exceeded a quarter ton!

Approximately 75 percent of our hunters kill Black Bear. Most hunters see bear but as we

don't bait, your hunt for bear is more challenging. During Black Bear season, bears are

usually seen in pairs.

Our bear hunts are carried out next to the boundary of Gros Morne National Park which

has some of the biggest and most abundant Black Bear in Newfoundland. The bears we

have killed here have averaged over 300 lbs with some weighing over 450 lbs. 

Our stands are approximately 3 miles apart and have been put in with the bow hunter in

mind. This is extremely beneficial to the rifle hunter. They are located close to the

logging road and the guides will have constant radio contact with the hunter.

Weather conditions in our area during the bear hunting season (mid September - mid

October) can vary greatly. Day temperatures may exceed 40 degrees Fahrenheit with

well below freezing temperatures at night, so come prepared. Rain gear and rubber

boots are a must.

Carey’s Gros Morne Hunting P.O. Box 106 Daniel’s Harbour, NL Canada, A0K 4G0 Telephone #: 709-898-2306 or 709-898-8999 Email: sjjcarey2004@yahoo.com
VERY IMPORTANT TO BOOK EARLY Licenses for the Woodland Caribou and other big game are issued on a first come first serve basis